My story began in the non-profit industry.

As a counsellor,

I assisted people in various challenging situations - helping them to identify and advocate for their own needs.

As a change champion,

I helped individuals and organizations to introduce and instill changes withing their daily practices to improve the quality of life and efficiency.

But frequent migraine attacks forced me to slow down and re-think my career, and my priorities. Being at the receiving end of pain, dizziness, and other disruptive neurological symptoms, I sought both medical and non-medicinal treatment and practices to improve the quality of my life, and to relieve some of the more debilitating symptoms.

What dawned on me is, that many of us with migraine can feel lost and isolated. At times we feel misunderstood or even neglected by our family or treatment team (if we're lucky enough to have one!), and to feel as though nothing is really working.


When I moved to Canada from Australia, I did extra training to become a trained and accredited coach, specifically to work with people to get it to all work better! I started volunteering with migraine organizations like the Migraine World Summit and Migraine Canada so that I could contribute whilst gaining the most up-to-date information and resources. I co-moderate the Facebook group: Migraine Ontario.

I am an accredited mindfulness facilitator and am certified in Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM). I have co-facilitated a number of courses with the incredible Dr Jackie Gardner-Nix (who developed this protocol), and work with NP Christie Tait, who specialises in migraine and who is also a certified MBCPM facilitator.

Currently, I am the Executive Director of the new nonprofit Mindfulness Council of Canada, and Assistant Executive Director of the charity Mindfulness Everyday.

I want to work with you to help you to learn to understand and manage your migraine condition.
To work together with your treatment team, and for you to take the lead in your own health care.

Natanya with her arms up and arms up, she is smiling
Natanya with her arms up and arms up, she is smiling
two hands reaching for the sun in the sky at golden hour
two hands reaching for the sun in the sky at golden hour