How we work together

I take a holistic approach to coaching.

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health should be brought into balance to work through issues and challenges effectively.

Migraine is a difficult and complex neurological condition to manage. There are lots of people out there who will tell you that there is a magic pill or diet (or something else!). This may be helpful for some, however for many of us, this can work for a period of time and then it can be quite devastating when it all falls flat.

Migraine coaching is not a cure-all or some quick fix. It is about you being in the drivers seat, taking your life back in the most positive way, one day at a time. It is about recognizing that there will be ups and down, learning to manage these times so that you are in greater control of your life rather than your diagnosis ruling you.

Finding balance is the key to achieving freedom!

A wholistic view of health and migraine care balances medical intervention with changes and approaches we as individuals can make ourselves, to improve the quality of our daily lives. Migraine care is a puzzle and it's helpful to employ many strategies to treat and manage it.

It's time to live a fuller, happier life, and the life that you deserve.