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You can work with me 1:1, join me for group coaching or join one of my Mindfulness for Migraine courses. Whichever service you choose, we'll work together to meet your goals and improve the quality of your life.

Calm your Migraine Brain
1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to take control of your health and reclaim your life? My one-to-one coaching program offers personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

How it works:
  • Initial assessment: We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your migraine history, symptoms, potential triggers (if known) and current management strategies

  • Goal setting: Together, we'll establish clear and achievable goals for your migraine management journey, taking into account your lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations.

  • Personalized coaching sessions: You'll receive individualized coaching sessions focused on addressing your specific concerns, challenges, and goals related to migraine management. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and typically last one hour.

  • Education and strategies: Benefit from evidence-based education, practical strategies, and personalized recommendations to better understand your migraine condition and effectively manage attacks/flares.

  • Support and accountability: Receive ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability as you implement new strategies and work towards your goals.

  • Feedback and adjustments: Regularly evaluate your progress, discuss any challenges or setbacks, and make necessary adjustments to your migraine management plan to ensure continued success.

  • Resource Access: Gain access to a variety of resources, including educational materials, relaxations techniques, stress management tools, and more, to support your migraine management journey.

  • Empowerment and growth: Feel empowered to make informed decisions about your migraine management and experience personal growth as you overcome obstacles and achieve your desired outcomes.

Why choose our one-to-one coaching program?
  • Receive personalized attention and support tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

  • Benefit from a flexible schedule and individualized approach to coaching sessions.

  • Experience accelerated progress and improved outcomes through personalized guidance and accountability.

  • Gain confidence and empowerment in managing migraine and living life to the fullest.

Ready to take the first step towards a life with fewer attacks and with more freedom? Schedule a complimentary consultation today, to learn more about my one-to-one coaching program and how it can help you to achieve your goals. Simply let me know you want 1:1 coaching when you click the orange button below:

Group Coaching

Are you seeking effective strategies to better manage migraine and improve your quality of life? My group coaching program offers a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals living with migraine and other headache disorders.

How it works:
  • Group formation: Join a small, empathetic cohort of individuals who understand the challenges of living with migraine.

  • Program Structure: Participate in weekly sessions designed to provide education, support, and practical strategies for migraine management. Each session typically lasts 90 minutes.

  • Content Delivery: As an experienced coach who specializes in migraine management, I facilitate discussions and deliver evidence-based information tailored to the group's needs.

  • Group interaction: Engage in open discussions, share personal experiences, and learn from others facing similar challenges.

  • Accountability: Set achievable goas related to migraine management and receive ongoing support and encouragement from both me and from your peers.

  • Feedback and Reflection: Reflect on your progress, discuss challenges, and receive constructive feedback in a safe and understanding environment.

  • Resources and Tools: Access a variety of resources, including relaxation and mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, and more, to support your migraine management journey.

  • Celebration of Success: Celebrate every milestone achieved, whether it's a reduction in frequency, improved coping mechanisms, or enhanced overall well-being.

Why choose our Migraine Management Program?
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom and understanding of others with migraine.

  • Gain valuable insights and practical tips for effectively managing your condition.

  • Feel supported and empowered by your peers to take control of your migraine journey.

  • Experience the power of community and shared experiences in navigating life with migraine.

Ready to take proactive steps toward better migraine management? Join the next group coaching program and embark on a journey toward a brighter, healthier, more balanced future!

Simply let me know you want group coaching when you click the orange button below:

Woman's hands holding purple flowers
Woman's hands holding purple flowers
a purple fiber optic light lit up with purple lights
a purple fiber optic light lit up with purple lights
Mindfulness for Migraine

Are you seeking relief from the burden of migraine, neurological dysfunction and chronic pain? Our Mindfulness for Migraine course offers a compassionate and holistic approach to managing your symptoms and reclaiming a sense of peace and well-being.

Course overview:

This specialized course is designed to provide practical tools and techniques for individuals living with migraine and chronic pain to navigate their journey with greater ease and resilience.

  • Understanding Pain and Migraine:
    Gain insight into the nature of pain and migraine, including common triggers, symptoms, and the mind-body connection. Explore how mindfulness can help you develop a new relationship with pain and find relief.

  • Pain Awareness and Acceptance:
    Learn how to cultivate greater awareness and acceptance of pain through mindfulness practices. Discover how acknowledging and befriending your pain can reduce suffering and promote healing.

  • Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief:
    Explore a variety of mindfulness meditation techniques specifically tailored for managing pain, including body scans, breath awareness, gentle movement, and loving-kindness practices. Develop a personalized meditation practice to soothe your nervous system and alleviate discomfort.

  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation:
    Discover stress reduction techniques to reduce stress and tension, common triggers for migraine and pain flares. Practice relaxation exercises to promote deep relaxation and ease muscular tension.

  • Emotional Resilience and Coping Strategies:
    Cultivate emotional resilience and adaptive coping skills to navigate the emotional challenges associated with chronic pain (or any recurring pain). Learn how mindfulness can help you respond to difficult emotions with compassion and equanimity.

  • Self-Care and Lifestyle Modifications:
    Explore practical self-care strategies and lifestyle modifications to support your well-being and manage your symptoms effectively. Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life to promote overall health and vitality.

a woman standing on a beach
a woman standing on a beach
Course Format:
  • Interactive Lessons and Guided Practices:
    Engage in interactive lessons, guided mindfulness practices, and experiential exercises to deepen your understanding and practice of mindfulness for pain relief.

  • Peer Support and Sharing Circles:
    Connect with a supportive community of those with migraine and chronic pain in a safe and compassionate environment. Share your experiences, insights, and challenges with others who understand what you're going through.

  • Personal Reflection and Journaling:
    Take time for personal reflection and journaling to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and track your progress on your journey towards pain relief and well-being.

Why Choose our Mindfulness for Migraine Course?

Joining our Mindfulness for Migraine Course offers a multitude of benefits tailored specifically to individuals dealing with migraine:

  • Effective pain management

  • Stress reduction

  • Improved emotional well-being

  • Enhanced self-awareness

  • Empowerment and control

  • Increased productivity (at home, work and socially)

  • Community and support

  • Holistic approach

  • Life-long skill development

Ready to gain tools, skills and knowledge to effectively manage migraine? Click the button below, scroll to the form at the bottom of the page to register your interest!